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1776 - The Media Theatre







"Jennie Eisenhower, popular director and choreographer, put together a spectacular production of this historical musical. Each scene was carefully crafted and the unique ending (I won’t spoil it for readers) left me, and many of those I spoke to after the curtains closed, feeling more American than ever.

It’s hard to find anything to complain about in Media Theatre’s production of this light-hearted historical musical. 1776 will make you laugh, might even make you cry, and will most certainly be more enjoyable than the lectures of your middle school history teachers."  

- Emily Kluver,  Phindie

Director/Choreographer, Jennie Eisenhower, cast, musicians and crew deliver all the verve and excitement of Sherman Edwards’ music and lyrics and Peter Stone’s book with clever, courageous staging in Media Music Theatre’s production of 1776 THE MUSICAL.

-Liz Panzer, Phindie

"Director Jennie Eisenhower plays up the conflict by filling the stage with vivid personalities, nearly all of whom get a chance to make a distinct impression. 

…a musical filled with powerful moments."

Tim Dunleavy, dc metro arts


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